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iPhone App Review - Quickdial

Quite a useful app to have... Putting your Favorites on your SpringBoard. Call, SMS or Email.

Kn Quick Dial mobile app for android

Easy to use and setup, easy to find the person and dial with one click. Main functionality of the android mobile app, Quick dial by pressing just one button.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge : How to Enable or Disable Quick Dial (Android Marshmallow)

This video show How to Enable or Disable Quick Dial (make a call by pressing and holding the home key, and then saying a contact's name) in Samsung Galaxy ...

CircleLauncher - Android App Review

CircleLauncher is a simple but useful widget that allows you to quickly access apps, contacts, or bookmarks that you choose by placing a widget on your ...

Home2 Shortcut Android App Review - Re-purpose the Hard Keys!

Home2 Shortcut is a simple but amazing app I found while looking for a way to remap the hard keys on the bottom of my phone. It has amazing functionality as it ...

Speed Dial Widget Android App

Speed Dial Widget is very useful for user that always struggling to dial any contact number. In this app, you can add unlimited number of your important contact ...

Dial Fast - Android Dialer App by AwsmApp.com, must-have for Professionals

Dial Fast gives you a really quick way to find contacts and call or text them. Dial a number with a single tap. Long press to text. The ability to search by company ...

Full review of maxthon browser for android device

Full review of Maxthon browser for android device. Maxthon browser is one of the highest rated browsers for Android today; it's fast, secure, easy to use .

Quick Dial Widget Demo

Tom's Speed Dial Free - Speed Dial app on Android

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